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Month: October, 2013

Identity Project - Will We Ever Run Out Of New Creativity

The origin behind this idea came from a VSauce video ( where the question in the video is “Will We Ever Run Out Of New Music?” the video was very interesting as this gave me the idea of what would happen if we actually ran out of ideas or a world without art and how dull and lifeless our society would be.

This idea relates strongly to me as a person as apart from creating art; performing and listening to music is another one of my most cherished assets, so an idea of no more creativity is rather daunting. The piece consists of various questions asking around the concept when “Art Runs Out” which is contrasted by answers that “Everyone is Born an Artist”.

Moving on from my previous piece which was very precise I decided to be more rough with how I created the piece and used spray paint and stencils, this got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to be more brave with my ideas. I do like the simplicity of the piece, the text overlaying one another gives the piece a rather dynamic effect and sticks itself into the audience’s mind.

I thought the piece turned out ok but this piece felt rather lacking, I feel I could have explored more with colour and different applications to spray paint, included portrait stencils or photographs and other mediums. This stage I am still constricted myself to working on paper so for my next piece I will look for a different canvas to work from.


Tutorial 1:1 – week 1

After a discussion with my tutor I have come to the realisation that my piece is too precise and doesn’t really stretch my potential, I will take this one and be much more rough and experimental with my illustration.

Week 1 Identity piece

For this project we were assigned to create a larger than life intervention describing our identities. I decided to go into my specialism of illustration, producing a large scale piece of work covering illustrations that describe my interests (Such as films, hobbies, interests and music).
I feel that the detail in the work was a success but the piece doesn’t seem to reflect me as a person and more about the stuff that I like. This style of work also isn’t really stretching me as an artist since I know I can do this type of work; I feel that I need to start stepping out of my comfort zones and try different approaches, such as making the piece more gritty and rough since this piece has a lot of very precise drawings.

Anatomy Painting

This was inspired by an artist “Mailyn” who painted skeletons onto the body using black paint. I began looking into the look of skeletons and muscle tissue and was fascinated by the different line work and texture the two create with one another.

Exploration with Lighting

We used a variation of lighting to explore different shadows.
The lamp (image below) was much too dim so we had to bring the light in closer which reduce the amount of space it covered.

The second pair of lights (image below) were much too bright and lit up nearly the entire room, we had no idea of the strength of industrial size lights.

Finally this lamp (image below) was the best out of the group, as the neck was flexible and the bulb was incredibly strong without causing us to lose too much shadow. it worked out very successfully in helping create spotlight and shadow effects in the background and on the subjects.


In our group, we decided upon expressing ourselves through movement, Charlotte chose to be rather elegant with her movement, I found a lot of rhythm in her dancing, with the repetition of moving her arms and curling her shoulders. It betrayed her as a rather gentle character. I chose to contrast her dancing with drastic, […]

Inspiration for Winnebago Skeleton

After watching the video above, our group decided upon rein-acting this piece, but instead we wanted to emphasise the muscles used. One of our group volunteered to have her back painted like this, as I was modelling for this piece but I wanted to highlight a different part of my body, that way we can record different movements with our bodies and we’re not identical. We decided to use a different approach to lighting by creating various shadows and highlighting certain areas. I thought being half-naked kept the focus on the body parts.

Using a Camera Phone for Recording - Winnebago Skeleton

As we are limited to using our mobile phones for this piece we decided on using the iPhone 4, which has a HD camera (720p) and can record up to 30 frames per second with audio.

Winnebago skeleton

Here is the storyboard supporting the ideas of our video. we wanted to create a dichotomy between male and female forms; by videoing our bodies. we each followed different movements, presenting ourselves as individuals which were followed by group shots. This video is planned to be 3 minutes long so that will make 1 minute of individual footage followed by a minute of group of picture. I found creating a storyboard helped greatly with how the film is going to look as I have never done film before. This also brought up great discussions to how to present lighting and different camera angles. We were limited to only using mobile phones which restricted the professional approach everyone was expected to do which brought up new methods to approach our filming.

Winnebago Skeleton

We explored the movement of bodies through dancing and warped seizures, this was to emphasise to expose the bodies in strength of both genders as well as weaknesses; No matter what sex or skin colour, we all have the same skeleton underneath. The lamp helped to create a more dramatic presence to the piece and exposed the skeleton further, as well as create shadows on the subjects to form a rather abstract view to the skeleton to the audience. The lack of colour creates a much bolder image to the skeleton, the exploration of shadows and movement in the subjects is very powerful, especially from the slow, sensual movements in the female subject which juxtaposes the erratic, striking forms by the male. There is a dichotomy between the genders; as the female appears to be rather fragile and gentle in the video, she must be protected by a strong male, whom are expected to have a inner “caveman” instinct where they go erratic and protective to their partner. Underneath everybody has basic human traits regardless of gender, but the dogma of our society expect us to behave in these expected manners to one another.

We used the composition “We Disappear” By Jon Hopkins, I feel the piece connects with the concept of the video as the song has no vocals which connects to the objects in the video having no true identity. This composition was a great experience for me as I had never done film or sound editing before, I felt I had learnt my way around Premiere Pro quickly thanks to the tutorial given. Once presented to our class and tutor, I was pleased by the insightful and constructive comments given to us. One student said there was too much repetition in the video, which I could understand as the video seemed to jut keep doing the same thing from the same camera angles. I feel that we could have explored further with close ups and panoramas to make it more unexpected, the music didn’t help either with the predictableness of the video as the song ended when the music did. I find the simplicity of the video has been explored dynamically and I was pleased with the overall outcome; the main downfall of this was our storyboard was created as we were creating the video, which ruins the concept of a storyboard and how we can develop form our original idea. Another comment was that the male painting didn’t quite marry with the female painting, I think to improve we would have the entire shoulder painted. Overall though it was a very exciting new experience for working with new students all from different foundation backgrounds and filming taught me a lot about teamwork and communication in directing (from how the lights should appear to the way the camera moves around the subject) along with the development of ideas and time management.