Identity Project – Will We Ever Run Out Of New Creativity

by oliverstobie

Identity Project - Will We Ever Run Out Of New Creativity

The origin behind this idea came from a VSauce video ( where the question in the video is “Will We Ever Run Out Of New Music?” the video was very interesting as this gave me the idea of what would happen if we actually ran out of ideas or a world without art and how dull and lifeless our society would be.

This idea relates strongly to me as a person as apart from creating art; performing and listening to music is another one of my most cherished assets, so an idea of no more creativity is rather daunting. The piece consists of various questions asking around the concept when “Art Runs Out” which is contrasted by answers that “Everyone is Born an Artist”.

Moving on from my previous piece which was very precise I decided to be more rough with how I created the piece and used spray paint and stencils, this got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to be more brave with my ideas. I do like the simplicity of the piece, the text overlaying one another gives the piece a rather dynamic effect and sticks itself into the audience’s mind.

I thought the piece turned out ok but this piece felt rather lacking, I feel I could have explored more with colour and different applications to spray paint, included portrait stencils or photographs and other mediums. This stage I am still constricted myself to working on paper so for my next piece I will look for a different canvas to work from.