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Month: November, 2013

In The Middle of Filming

Here is my chosen environment for my filming.





In contrast to the white background, I have decided to wear black clothing, I will keep the clothing casual to keep my identity but I’ll keep the clothing simple to prevent the audience from drawing attention away from my speech. 



Camera Exploration – Canon 1100d

The second camera I worked with is the Canon 1100d, this shoot 720p quality video at 30 frames per second. I found this camera is great for a professional appeal to my video, as I shot with this camera using a white background to keep all attention to myself talking. I have decided to make this film look more professional as I have already created an amateur looking video on a mobile this term, I want to show a range of cinematography. One flaw with the Canon is that the microphone isn’t that great so I need to use an additional microphone to capture good quality sound.

Allora & Calzadica - influence for speech videos

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Gives residents the opportunity to express their opinions about gun violence and how they lost friends/family members due to this.
The people speak the unspeakable, Krzysztof interviews bombing survivors before filming them to gain their trust, then he invades the public space with his work.

Josiah McElheny

Gaining experience in Performance – Lauren Moses’ Interactive Piece



My class member Lauren Moses asked us to take part in an interactive piece of hers; she assigned each of us a partner for this to make some cakes, my partner was handling all the ingredients only she couldn’t see, so it was my job to guide her through what she doing and I wasn’t allowed to touch anything.


This was such a strange experience as I felt so immobile to not being able to help, with my partner not being able to see we had to be very clear through communication where and what they were doing (From where the spoon is on the table, to where they have to tip the cream into a bowl, to how and when to stop stirring). This exercise required a lot of patience and communication between the two of us overall; our cakes came out very successful and we were the first to finish which was something to be proud of, one comment was made that I was one the of the best communicators out of all the groups which made me rather pleased. Overall the piece was a success and demonstrates how much is required if we lose just one of the senses when it comes to baking. The interactive piece was excellent though it would have been even better to have the appeal of the piece look more professional, as we were baking if would have been nice if we were in a kitchen, or if the tables we rearranged so we weren’t all gathered around each other.

Cameras Experimentation – iPhone


I began exploring with different cameras for quality and sound. The first one was the camera on my iPhone which has a VGA quality video camera on the front, I thought this would interesting to see how quality is essential to the aesthetic of the recording, especially with a president’s speech.

The camera quality reduces the professional appeal of the president’s speech with is just what I am setting to achieve, a low budget, poor quality image being juxtaposed by such a iconic speech. I am going to explore with the scenery in a different way to the expected president’s image; my idea varies between recording in my halls which would add to the unprofessional look I am trying to gain, or have a blank background which will have a more simplistic effect and make the audience focus more on my character’s behavior. 


Speech Video Two – Palestinian Suicide Video

After watching Four Lions, I came to the idea of using a terrorist threat video for the way we can use speech to provoke fear as well as hope into people. I want to use the idea in Four Lions use and use this speech into making a completely incompetent amateur to draw the tension away from his threats.

Video development for Speech – Obama’s “Yes We Can”

After watching Obama give his Yes We Can speech, it was rather astonishing how well-dressed and confident he presents himself to America. After watching this extremely awkward speech I see how much more tension it brings to both being the person speaking to the audience listening. this has often been a struggle when I was younger as when I would speak in front of an audience I would start to stutter, which would cause me to start messing up my sentences. I want to bring this idea of a very tense, awkward appeal when giving a speech that created Obama’s most iconic speech. I will be filming myself giving the Yes We Can speech, to make this awkward, I will start to screw up lines, awkwardly flicking through cue-cards (they will be jumbled up to cause tension), skip sentences and anything else that usually causes confusion and awkwardness when giving the speech.

In addition to this, I want to take the Obama speech out of it’s expected context; when somebody is giving a speech they usually stand on a plinth, to give them supremacy over the audience and help them stand out. They are usually well dressed, along with banners or posters (usually when dealing with politics and campaigns) and a camera is faced directly in front of them. To take the idea out of it’s environment, I will film this speech using a low quality camera (my computer has a low quality webcam) to create a rather cheap looking image to such an honoured and articulate speech.

Tutorial – Riddles

After my discussion with Tina, she decided that the font was too simple and would needed to be more sophisticated. however I found this idea wasn’t really stretching my art as much as I wanted it to so I need to reconsider a new idea.