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Month: December, 2013

Video Piece – Stutter the Unspeakable

Stutter the Unspeakable

For my video piece, I wanted to focus away from the faces of people when they speak, as this is rather predictable (person stands in front of camera, camera focusses entirely on their face etc), so for my video I wanted to demonstrate the expressions of people’s opinions and speeches through their hand gestures.

I tried to give each speech a variation so they all didn’t entwine with one another for example; Barack Obama aims to aspire the public especially Americans, so I made his hand gestures rather dynamic to try to captivate the viewers. I did my best to re-enact the promises he was giving in his speech simply through the movements of my hands, from pointing to the audiences to hitting my hand on the table to invoke a serious promise.

Juxtaposing Obama came a part of Hawking’s essay on the universe, I died down the dynamics of my movements as Hawking expresses scientific views and philosophy, it would have seemed rather ridiculous to have drastic hand movements so I kept my hands clasped together for the majority of this piece. I attempted to recreate a rather empowering sound with my voice to have an earnest effect through the video.

Finally with Charles Manson, I wanted to create the same deception he creates when people talk to him. His performance is drastically different to the first two, I took heavy breaths and started clenching my fists to create an awkward presence to the viewer as this hasn’t happened through the entire video. I thought finishing with grabbing the camera and whispering “nobody” creates a very powerful shot through its simplicity, as I never show my face through the entity of the video. Being very calm and positive for the whole of the video until the end I feel heightens the tension and wickedness of the final shot, this was by far my favourite piece to perform.


Exhibition Space

Here is where my performance will take place, I took consideration in adding photographs of myself around the area but I thought this would draw the audience’s attention away from my speech.


I decided instead to simply placed the phrse “Firm I Stutter” on the front of my plinth. I find that the simplicity of the text strongly represents for what I stand for.


Preparation - Cleaning the Exhibition space

In preparation for our exhibition, we had to work together in clearing up our space. This varied from clearing away tables, painting the walls and mopping the floors. Through our cooperation, it was a very successful job and was a great experience for curating and exhibiting. For my performance I have kept it quite minimalistic to keep all eyes on me, I will be standing on a plinth in the centre with a phrase on the front of the plinth saying “Firm I stammer”, there will be my name tag and statement to the side of my wall. We are considering cover the window on the door to create a darker space for the projector and hide the outdoor piece one of our classmates has created.

The King’s Speech



This films tells the story of George VI who suffers from a serious stutter and is deemed unfit to be king, the king goes through a serious course of speech therapy to overcome his stammer and help guide Britain through War. This film was a strong source of inspiration for my performance as I had never considered using my stammer in my art before, which is quite strange considering I have had it almost my entire live so it has become a major part of my identity.

Video editing to computer

As I was using an old camera the footage was recorded on a tape, which later had to be converted on to the computer before I could begin editing. This was a great experience in learning how to edit using older technology as well as modern.

Project Development – Performance

Looking back at my tutorial, I came to consideration that I should stick to my original idea of a performance piece. This is because looking back at my videos I noticed that I didn’t stammer as much as I expected because I was in my comfort zone, I feel that doing a performance piece will create a much stronger outcome with a more dramatic outcome. As my work idealises speech impediments, talking in public causes me to stutter much more than when I’m on my own with a camera.

My previous idea for a performance involved the explorations of language and communication, which the subject in question was how people “define art” as a whole. I decided not to take this idea further as this topic seems more for a debate than a single performance, as I have done a lot of research into awkward situations in speeches, I will take these elements into my performance.

My chosen speech will be a latest Boris Johnson speech, in which he condescends the nation talking very much like an elitist about how such a small percentage of British people have a high I.Q and that “‘the harder you shake the pack, the easier it will be for some cornflakes to get  to the top”. After watching this clip I noticed that so many people were fuming over this talk, I want to create that awkward presence that Boris did as he condescends the nation. In addition to my stammer this will apprehend the situation as (in support of my online query) people find it rather rude to finish my sentences for me when I’m stuttering, which may aggravate the public even more.

In preparation for this performance, I have decided to only learn the lines of this speech on my own without any practice in public speaking, as from experience if I practice I will lose most of my stammer which is rather nerve-racking knowing that I am going to stammer a lot but at the same time I’m interested to see how it’ll turn out.

Performance project – Opinions on stuttering

Last night I sent a post on Facebook asking people their opinions on stuttering, whether or not they feel awkward around people who it and who see it as part of my identity:

Lauren Moses – Yes I do see it as part of your identity,  I don’t think I’ve ever ‘helped’ you finish a sentence and I see no need to feel awkward.

Elisa Genevert – I didn’t notice that you stammer!!

Joseph – I think it’s part of your identity, but I’d think it to be rude for people to finish your sentences! And I never found it awkward when I was with you!

Vanessa – It is part of your identity.and i dont think someone should feel akward or something. (I stammer a bit as well hah) i think people should not finish the sentences.

This really helped getting a bit of a public’s opinion of speech impediments, I found it quite astounding how some people don’t seem to notice it as well.

1:1 Tutorial

After discussing with Tina about my final piece (I have deciding between doing my film or performance); she suggested that doing a performance would help elaborate the idea of social awkwardness when speaking, which I completely agree with as on my video I hardly ever stammer. Being put on the pedestal and talking to an audience is never my strong point, which is the exact idea I’m expressing through my work.

Video as Inspiration – Charles Manson

Change in chosen speech – Charles Manson

Charles Mason has always interested me, by how overwhelming someone of his caliber could influence people to do what they did. I’ve watched many interviews of him where people constantly try to understand him, but he always seem so unpredictable and sophisticated how he stands strongly against the fact he never personally murdered anyone and acting extremely unpredictable; such as one clip where he talks so politely to the interviewer, shaking their hand to suddenly scatting out, speaking in tongues and screaming. this piece I wanted to reenact was a short piece clip where the interviewer asks Manson to define himself in one sentence, he instantly spasms creating a variety of different faces and whispers “nobody”. I found that rather disturbing and interesting how he doesn’t show any pride or guilt in what he’s done or who he is. I wanted to add this clip to show the duality in speaking, varying from articulate essays and motivational speeches to the tyranny of wickedness in one word.