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Month: January, 2014

Performance – When Murder Goes Wrong


When Murder Goes Wrong



I decided to continue working with Stuttering in my work, but I wanted to move into different medias. This piece is an reenactment of the film Bronson which is a 2008 indie film starring Ton Hardy, the film is a focus on the life of Britain’s most violent criminal and the film received great reviews about Tom’s performance. Bronson seems rather underrated for such a great performance; The scene i chose to reenact (When Murder Goes Wrong) is a performance in the film where Bronson stands centre stage in a dim lit theatre and takes the role of two characters himself and the nurse he is talking to about going back to prison. This scene is very tense as Charles begins to become very intimidating to the nurse but she herself remains calm; what I chose to do with this scene was to only make Bronson stutter to see the change in behaviour to this performance, as people genially stutter when they become nervous I think it would make the audience see different to the tough guy Bronson makes himself to be.  



Marina Abramovic

Marina creates rather extravagant performance pieces, which often involve possible life endangerment and intimacy between subjects.

I want to start working more with video and sculpture this year, her work interests me by the simplicity of the pieces and I want to try and recreate that dynamic in my practice.