Lewis Prothero performance

by oliverstobie

Lewis Prothero is part of the totalitarian government in V for Vendetta, his opening speech to the people of England is a rather incense scene in which is he commands to the people of England to oppose America for smuggling and convert the country to a country of God. He is articulate and intimidating which is why I deciding to portray his character with a stutter, I realised this play on his role seemed to discredit his fascist belief as he is supposed to be a seat of power he lacks the credibility of his status by stammering. Instead of being suited up (as Lewis is in the film) I chose to work in black and paint the government symbol onto my face as I have already performed as a suited character in my last terms assessment, I wanted to change into a more elaborate setting and as I have previously worked with face paints in most of this terms work it keeps the sense of flow going.