Directing my performance

by oliverstobie

As my final piece is going to be more of an analysis into my persona; I have decided to lay out my performance as myself as the patient lying on a bed in the centre of a room, the viewers will have space to wander around me or simply listen to what I have to say.

The performance will start outside of the room with a letter stated to “the viewer”, inside will be a short statement that all this time I have spoken behind the words of someone else, how I have deceived even myself and finally (as this is the end of the year) I will speak nothing but my own words. The audience will then enter the room to see my lying on a bed, I will be in full black to prevent any attention being driven away from anything else, they will focus entirely on my words. This is when I will begin my speech, moving rather slowly and a mix between stuttering frequently and subtly.

Before the final performance I will need to have a couple of practice runs to see what else I can add to the piece (i.e makeup, stammering, positions and movements).