UnUnUncover The TTTruth

by oliverstobie

This performance piece is an opportunity to uncover what it is I believe to have cause my stammering; as being the only person in my family with a stammer I know for one it isn’t genetic, I do however believe that there is a correlation of events that occurred in my life that could have cause it but it has never been fully proven. This series of work is something that I have involved in with creativity, I felt this was a big development in my work and has expose a journey of self discovery as I uncover the truth about myself.

As before the body of work was involving re-inactments of underground films and quotes from poets or books, this was never anything that personal to myself as an artist and a stammerer. Alan Woodward’s ‘Voice in Exile’ demonstrates the power of a journey that dwells in the mind of a stutterer, Alan (being a stammerer himself) was the main source of inspiration to create a performance about myself rather than speaking in the words of others. Andrea’s ‘Projection’ creates a very powerful presence in her work as she portrays herself as both the patient and therapist. A psychoanalysis performance has the perfect appeal to my chosen subject, by putting myself into an analysis of myself I would be the role of patient and the audience would play the spectator.

The performance is therefore much a story of my life, where I examine specific parts of my life where I believe there to be a possible link to my stammering. I feel my work is much more of an eye opener to the audience as society doesn’t really encounter stammerers that often, minus a few stutters I have never encountered another stammerer in my life, which I find is what makes us very unique.