Artist Influences

The King’s Speech


This films tells the story of George VI who suffers from a serious stutter and is deemed unfit to be king, the king goes through a serious course of speech therapy to overcome his stammer and help guide Britain through War. This film was a strong source of inspiration for my performance as I had never considered using my stammer in my art before, which is quite strange considering I have had it almost my entire live so it has become a major part of my identity.

Clement Briend

Similar to Krzysztof’s work, Clement uses public space as the canvas for his projections.

Krzysztof Wodiczko

Krzysztof uses the public space as his canvas, he invades the buildings with his projections of survivors or bombings and gun crime share their personal experiences to the public. Krzysztof talks about speaking the unspeakable as this is often a topic we only really hear about in newspapers, we never really see how much of an impact this has to people. Krzysztof usually focusses on certain areas of the body, particularly the hands and face, by putting the camera on these areas the audience is forced to focus entirely on these body parts, this is an element I would like to explore in my videos.

Marianne Vitelle


After looking at Marianne Vitale’s speech, I decided to use my speech impediment into my artwork, I find this is a great way to describe something that has nearly always been a part of my life and makes it personal. Looking through famous speeches I have decided to use Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech and Winston Churchill’s “Fight on The Beaches”. In contrast to these two I will also use a Terrorist threat video to demonstrate that not all speeches can be positive. To make mine different from Marianne’s, I will use different elements of cinematography in each speech.

Bathroom graffiti

Rachel Price – Artist Lecture
I found this lecture very interesting and gave me a reflection on what will come-forth in the next few years. This talk has pushed me to further my practice in learning Romanian and to try and gain some experience in an art background, either in curating or teaching.

She was very insightful in my work and gave me the inspiration to move outside of paper and canvas and start to experiment further with my text.

Josiah McElheny


Allora & Calzadica


The use of humour in these artists’ work is very effective, they take a very innovative approach to art in this way. They gather various objects together and combine these elements together very bravely.

Skeleton Body Art – Livia – Inspiration for Winnebago Skeleton

This video was a strong influence for painting our bodies for Winnebago Skeleton, though the subject’s body is naked it is not appear as sexual, the desaturation in the video truly brings out the contrast between the light of paint and flesh.

Shirin Neshat – Turburlent

Shirin Neshat is an artist given by my tutor at the beginning, her work I found really demonstrates the struggle of women in the middle east. I see a strong difference in the two performances, in the sense of each gender and their social acceptance. The male’s arrogance in his gender’s “superiority” he sees no need to look at his audience as he is already accepted, whereas the woman struggles to be able to get a single seat. It shows that the male’s performance is realistic and praised whilst the female’s seem to be a dream.