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Summer Assessment

UnUnUncover The TTTruth

This performance piece is an opportunity to uncover what it is I believe to have cause my stammering; as being the only person in my family with a stammer I know for one it isn’t genetic, I do however believe that there is a correlation of events that occurred in my life that could have cause it but it has never been fully proven. This series of work is something that I have involved in with creativity, I felt this was a big development in my work and has expose a journey of self discovery as I uncover the truth about myself.

As before the body of work was involving re-inactments of underground films and quotes from poets or books, this was never anything that personal to myself as an artist and a stammerer. Alan Woodward’s ‘Voice in Exile’ demonstrates the power of a journey that dwells in the mind of a stutterer, Alan (being a stammerer himself) was the main source of inspiration to create a performance about myself rather than speaking in the words of others. Andrea’s ‘Projection’ creates a very powerful presence in her work as she portrays herself as both the patient and therapist. A psychoanalysis performance has the perfect appeal to my chosen subject, by putting myself into an analysis of myself I would be the role of patient and the audience would play the spectator.

The performance is therefore much a story of my life, where I examine specific parts of my life where I believe there to be a possible link to my stammering. I feel my work is much more of an eye opener to the audience as society doesn’t really encounter stammerers that often, minus a few stutters I have never encountered another stammerer in my life, which I find is what makes us very unique.



Vitele’s Patron was a heavy source of inspiration from my autumn term and continues to be this term.


When Murder goes Wrong









Video performance of ‘When Murder Goes Wrong’

Performance of The Raven

Following the makeup idea further and decided to blend almost completely in with the background.

Photo on 11-02-2014 at 22.35


Jeffery’ work was an inspiration to adapt other elements to my performance

Stutter image

Nosferatu – experimenting by subtracting the audio away from the listener


Silent film – The Definition of Insanity


Lewis Prothoro Video – moving back into face paint ideas



Voice in Exile film inspiration

Andrea Fraser













Final performance small take


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