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Sympathy For The Parents – idea for distorted audio

Sympathy For The Parents is rather abstracted audio of an interview session on the topic of Moshing, the audio is heard to be auto tuned, changes of Tempo and often in-comprehensive at times. I plan to work in editing recorded sessions of myself stammering and modify the audio itself to experiment with the dynamics of the piece.


Review of “Definition of Insanity”

Reviewing my film, I find that the lack of audio really draws attention to detail of the facial expressions of the subject. Lack of light exposes the movements greatly and you truly rely on yourself to lip read, at times the character stammers so much that the reading is unrecognisable. The subject trusts his expressions to describe his emotions, which vary from being rather calm to sudden erratic behaviours, he stares into the camera, breaking the 4th wall and making it seem the audience is standing right in front of his grasp. 

My Silent film – The definition of Insanity

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The Definition of Insanity is a silent performance piece where the camera is the eye of the audience, the definition said in the performance is “insanity is doing the same thing over and over until it’s different”; I face the camera explaining what the definition of insanity is and how it appeals into my life and everyone else. The way it revolves around my character’s life is how he feels that he is forced to use his speech impediment as a form of entertainment for people through performance and he has decided now that he is sick of being a part of “one big funhouse”. The character himself is a bit schizophrenic as he talks rather calmly the majority of the time to being quite hard to understand to sudden acts of aggressiveness – the character himself is quite insane.

Finally the performance ends with him saying “Did I ever tell you the definition of Insanity?” before it finishes, showing a sense of mystery to the performance, as the whole performance could be repeated over and over again.

Adaptation to Silent Film


Recently I watched Nosferatu, what I find intriguing about the character’s inabilities to speak, they rely entirely on body movements and facial expressions to emphasise how they’re feeling. I find this a interested direction to take my work as I am constantly relying on my voice to capture the audience and this will help test the change of taking away the audio.

My film will be set out just like a silent film, using a vintage filter to obtain the same grittiness and after I speak a text slide will follow, I think to add to the dynamics of the piece I will write the stuttering parts into the slides as this will inform the viewers exactly when Im stammering as in previous reviews people have told me that they don’t really notice when I stammer unless I point it out.

Integrating Painting/ sculpture into my performance

Recently I had the idea from a tutorial to create a sculpture whilst doing a performance involving stammering as I have wanted to bring different medias into the piece; I have concluded that the two won’t work as effectively and don’t really seem to have any strong connections to one another as they are just too diverse, and as the main focus of the project is speaking I find sculpture and painting a bit redundant. 

Jeffery Austin - Stutter

Jeffery’s work here is a series of linear work done in fine pencil, which is crossed over by thick, wavy charcoal lines. I feel the relationship between this and stuttering, as the fine lines are precisely drawn and are portrayed as planned out (being a metaphor for speaking) and the lines are interrupted by the thick lines that destroy the structure of the line work, the emphasise of the waves have a strong relation to the interruptions that stammering causes and is usually what people would listen to rather than what said person is talking about.

Tutorial – Hannah Hillier MA Student

This week I was given a tutorial from one of the MA students. After talking through with Hannah, we came to the idea that I could try bringing different elements into my performance and film such as painting and drawing. She gave me a lot of useful sources to work from and found her tutorial very insightful towards my work.

Performance of The Raven

From my discussion with my tutor I decided to look into poetry, for this piece I decided to go with a rather iconic poem The Raven for it’s eeriness which was rather successful in my Bronson piece. Looking back at my last video I noticed that I keep my eyes closed a lot when I stammer which I found rather interesting and something I could really focus on for my next film. I went for a much darker setting for this performance as I didn’t really want to drive the audience away from anything else other than my mouth; I did this by paint my face completely Black and paint my lips White and around the lids of my eyes. I found painting my face to be very successful and hope to develop this further. 


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Performance – When Murder Goes Wrong

When Murder Goes Wrong



I decided to continue working with Stuttering in my work, but I wanted to move into different medias. This piece is an reenactment of the film Bronson which is a 2008 indie film starring Ton Hardy, the film is a focus on the life of Britain’s most violent criminal and the film received great reviews about Tom’s performance. Bronson seems rather underrated for such a great performance; The scene i chose to reenact (When Murder Goes Wrong) is a performance in the film where Bronson stands centre stage in a dim lit theatre and takes the role of two characters himself and the nurse he is talking to about going back to prison. This scene is very tense as Charles begins to become very intimidating to the nurse but she herself remains calm; what I chose to do with this scene was to only make Bronson stutter to see the change in behaviour to this performance, as people genially stutter when they become nervous I think it would make the audience see different to the tough guy Bronson makes himself to be.