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A small portion of the first draft of my final performance

Here is a small test run of my performance, I don’t want to put too much footage of the final piece up as they’re still parts of the speech that need working on.


Crit – Voices in Exile

VOICE IN EXILE is an internationally acclaimed award-winning dramatic and archetypal film journey into the mind and emotions of Alan Woodward, a seventeen-year old stutterer, exploring the inner and outer trials and fears that stutterer’s often endure.

The writer/director of this powerful cinematic work, Mark Allan Kaplan, is himself a stutterer and this film is the culmination of Mark’s deep personal quest to express the inner life of the stutterer through film.

Lewis Prothero performance

Lewis Prothero is part of the totalitarian government in V for Vendetta, his opening speech to the people of England is a rather incense scene in which is he commands to the people of England to oppose America for smuggling and convert the country to a country of God. He is articulate and intimidating which is why I deciding to portray his character with a stutter, I realised this play on his role seemed to discredit his fascist belief as he is supposed to be a seat of power he lacks the credibility of his status by stammering. Instead of being suited up (as Lewis is in the film) I chose to work in black and paint the government symbol onto my face as I have already performed as a suited character in my last terms assessment, I wanted to change into a more elaborate setting and as I have previously worked with face paints in most of this terms work it keeps the sense of flow going.

Sympathy For The Parents – idea for distorted audio

Sympathy For The Parents is rather abstracted audio of an interview session on the topic of Moshing, the audio is heard to be auto tuned, changes of Tempo and often in-comprehensive at times. I plan to work in editing recorded sessions of myself stammering and modify the audio itself to experiment with the dynamics of the piece.

Performance – When Murder Goes Wrong

Video Piece – Stutter the Unspeakable

Stutter the Unspeakable

For my video piece, I wanted to focus away from the faces of people when they speak, as this is rather predictable (person stands in front of camera, camera focusses entirely on their face etc), so for my video I wanted to demonstrate the expressions of people’s opinions and speeches through their hand gestures.

I tried to give each speech a variation so they all didn’t entwine with one another for example; Barack Obama aims to aspire the public especially Americans, so I made his hand gestures rather dynamic to try to captivate the viewers. I did my best to re-enact the promises he was giving in his speech simply through the movements of my hands, from pointing to the audiences to hitting my hand on the table to invoke a serious promise.

Juxtaposing Obama came a part of Hawking’s essay on the universe, I died down the dynamics of my movements as Hawking expresses scientific views and philosophy, it would have seemed rather ridiculous to have drastic hand movements so I kept my hands clasped together for the majority of this piece. I attempted to recreate a rather empowering sound with my voice to have an earnest effect through the video.

Finally with Charles Manson, I wanted to create the same deception he creates when people talk to him. His performance is drastically different to the first two, I took heavy breaths and started clenching my fists to create an awkward presence to the viewer as this hasn’t happened through the entire video. I thought finishing with grabbing the camera and whispering “nobody” creates a very powerful shot through its simplicity, as I never show my face through the entity of the video. Being very calm and positive for the whole of the video until the end I feel heightens the tension and wickedness of the final shot, this was by far my favourite piece to perform.

Video as Inspiration – Charles Manson

Speech Video Two – Palestinian Suicide Video

After watching Four Lions, I came to the idea of using a terrorist threat video for the way we can use speech to provoke fear as well as hope into people. I want to use the idea in Four Lions use and use this speech into making a completely incompetent amateur to draw the tension away from his threats.

Video development for Speech – Obama’s “Yes We Can”

After watching Obama give his Yes We Can speech, it was rather astonishing how well-dressed and confident he presents himself to America. After watching this extremely awkward speech I see how much more tension it brings to both being the person speaking to the audience listening. this has often been a struggle when I was younger as when I would speak in front of an audience I would start to stutter, which would cause me to start messing up my sentences. I want to bring this idea of a very tense, awkward appeal when giving a speech that created Obama’s most iconic speech. I will be filming myself giving the Yes We Can speech, to make this awkward, I will start to screw up lines, awkwardly flicking through cue-cards (they will be jumbled up to cause tension), skip sentences and anything else that usually causes confusion and awkwardness when giving the speech.

In addition to this, I want to take the Obama speech out of it’s expected context; when somebody is giving a speech they usually stand on a plinth, to give them supremacy over the audience and help them stand out. They are usually well dressed, along with banners or posters (usually when dealing with politics and campaigns) and a camera is faced directly in front of them. To take the idea out of it’s environment, I will film this speech using a low quality camera (my computer has a low quality webcam) to create a rather cheap looking image to such an honoured and articulate speech.

Winnebago Skeleton

We explored the movement of bodies through dancing and warped seizures, this was to emphasise to expose the bodies in strength of both genders as well as weaknesses; No matter what sex or skin colour, we all have the same skeleton underneath. The lamp helped to create a more dramatic presence to the piece and exposed the skeleton further, as well as create shadows on the subjects to form a rather abstract view to the skeleton to the audience. The lack of colour creates a much bolder image to the skeleton, the exploration of shadows and movement in the subjects is very powerful, especially from the slow, sensual movements in the female subject which juxtaposes the erratic, striking forms by the male. There is a dichotomy between the genders; as the female appears to be rather fragile and gentle in the video, she must be protected by a strong male, whom are expected to have a inner “caveman” instinct where they go erratic and protective to their partner. Underneath everybody has basic human traits regardless of gender, but the dogma of our society expect us to behave in these expected manners to one another.

We used the composition “We Disappear” By Jon Hopkins, I feel the piece connects with the concept of the video as the song has no vocals which connects to the objects in the video having no true identity. This composition was a great experience for me as I had never done film or sound editing before, I felt I had learnt my way around Premiere Pro quickly thanks to the tutorial given. Once presented to our class and tutor, I was pleased by the insightful and constructive comments given to us. One student said there was too much repetition in the video, which I could understand as the video seemed to jut keep doing the same thing from the same camera angles. I feel that we could have explored further with close ups and panoramas to make it more unexpected, the music didn’t help either with the predictableness of the video as the song ended when the music did. I find the simplicity of the video has been explored dynamically and I was pleased with the overall outcome; the main downfall of this was our storyboard was created as we were creating the video, which ruins the concept of a storyboard and how we can develop form our original idea. Another comment was that the male painting didn’t quite marry with the female painting, I think to improve we would have the entire shoulder painted. Overall though it was a very exciting new experience for working with new students all from different foundation backgrounds and filming taught me a lot about teamwork and communication in directing (from how the lights should appear to the way the camera moves around the subject) along with the development of ideas and time management.